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Tyler Okunski, actor (Henderson Hogan Agency)

"Julio is an incredible resource for anyone looking to take their career to the next level!"

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Experienced, Compassionate, Connected

Julio Agustin

As a working professional, I have a unique perspective -- I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR

  • Working Actor (Broadway, TV/Film, Commercials, Voice Overs) -- most recently featured at The Old Globe

  • Award-Nominated Director-Choreographer -- most recently director @ Geva Theatre

  • Critically Acclaimed Career Coach

Individual Coaching

Career Consultation

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Take Your Career to the Next Level!

Career Consultation, Audition Strategies,

Monologue/Song Coaching

A. Standard Consultation (90 mins.)
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C. Audition Coaching (60 mins.)
D. Follow Up (30 mins.)

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Mission Statement

~ For the struggling artist who's tired of spinning their wheels and is ready to enjoy greater success as a working professional ~


The Problem

For the struggling artist who:

  • Is tired of spinning their wheels;

  • Is not sure what they're doing wrong;

  • Feels dejected from the constant rejection;

  • Finds themselves in yet another career transition and in need of a road map to move forward.

I know how it feels to do everything "right" and still feel lost!

Image 1_edited.jpg

The Plan

  • Articulate the challenges and goals in great detail;

  • Define specific industry tools, venues, people, and relationships to propel you closer to set goals;

  • Create an action plan with follow ups to ensure a successful experience.

As a working actor, director, and expert career guide, I use my vast experience and industry relationships to ensure client success. 


The Path to Success

  • Stop feeling lost and getting used to failure.

  • Experience your worth as a successful theatre artist and working professional!

I will reach out within 24 hours to begin our work together!


Paperback - $32.00

eBook - $30.00

Hardcover - $80.00

Book Cover (2).jpg


Option 1:
"Get the Callback in the
First Five Seconds!"

Option 2:
"Navigating the Theatre Industry for Latinx Actors"

Maximize your potential for getting the callback in the first five seconds of the audition by determining your actor’s essence (Actor USPs™) and incorporating these into all of your materials (headshot, resume, audition selection, attire, social media materials, more!

Option 3:
"Self-Tape Strategies:
Make Them Trust You"

Specifically for members of the Latiné theatre community to define your actor's essence, create a marketing plan, discover a method for selecting audition material, and share resources for succeeding as a 21st Century theatre multihyphenate.

Maximize your potential for getting the callback by engendering trust through filming, editing, and submitting of a fully-realized and professional, callback-worthy audition tape.

Regular fee: $499
(negotiable through 2023)

Other Offerings:

Mock Audition Workshop

Dance Masterclass

Vocal Coachings

Acting/Musical Theatre Performance Seminar

Group Workshops

Teacher Training Institute

based on the Seventeen Success Strategies™
The Professional Actor's Handbook





Negotiating a Contract

Rep Book


Audition Nerves

The Team




The Home Studio

Certificate Course



Phone: (917) 617-9169

Directing/Choreography: Gurman Agency, (212) 749-4680

Acting (theatre/tv-film): Carson Kolker Org., (212) 221-1517

Commercials/Voice Overs: Take 3 Talent, (646) 289-3915

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